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The Susie Hill Law office is a Charleston, WV abuse and neglect lawyer passionate about protecting the abused and the wrongfully accused.
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Abuse and Neglect

An abused child is a child whose health or welfare is harmed or threatened by a parent or guardian who knowingly or intentionally inflicts, attempts to inflict, or allows another to inflict physical mental or emotional injury upon a child.


At Susie Hill, Attorney at Law, we do not feel more passionately about any other aspect of family law than we do this particular aspect, whether protecting the child against an abuser, or protecting one who has been wrongfully accused. These are serious allegations, and require the help of experienced attorneys to navigate through this legal process and to keep your rights intact.


The proceedings of abuse and neglect are lengthy and include players such as department of health and human resources, child protective services, guardian ad litems, victim advocate and multidisciplinary teams. Sometimes a forensic interview, medical evaluation or therapeutic intervention, and/or temporary out of home placement is necessary. The venue is the more formal West Virginia circuit courts, rather than the West Virginia family courts.


Of all the aspects of domestic law, abuse and neglect proceedings are not to be taken lightly by the abused, or by the wrongfully accused. An attorney to represent your parental (or grandparent) rights is a must!


To check your surroundings for potential danger, please visit the National Sex Offender Registry. For a more in depth look at your neighborhood, you can search for your street name at the West Virginia State Police Sex Offender Registry