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Confused by the adoption process and need an adoption lawyer? Susie Hill Attorney at Law can guide you through the entire adoption process.
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Charleston Adoption Lawyers


Just as each person is unique, so is each adoption. Many families considering adoption find themselves confused and overwhelmed during the adoption process and often wonder about the rights of the biological mother and father.


Every birth mother has her own background and story and every birth father has his own take on the situation. Adoption laws differ from state to state. Most people think of adoption as being a coming together of the birth mother and adoptive family to do what is best for the baby, but many people neglect to consider the birth father. He also has rights concerning the adoption of their child.


If the biological mother does not believe the birth father will be supportive of her decision about adoption, she should seek counsel immediately.  Time is of the essence, as the gestational age of Mother’s fetus is a limiting factor regarding her rights.  To protect the father’s rights, there is an adoption registry that helps to protect his rights.


If the biological father is supportive of the adoption, then he should be encouraged to be involved in the adoption process.


The adopting party must follow particular guidelines to prevent future challenges to the adoption order.  For instance, there are certain notice requirements unless waived.  There are also certain service requirements.


Once an adoption takes place, the minor child has different legal parents, and the biological parent(s) have no rights.  However, after the adoption occurs, the biological parent(s) also have no responsibilities.