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Custody, Visitation, Relocation

Charleston Custody & Visitation Attorneys


In the past, Mother had custody of the marital minor child(ren) and Father received the children for visitations every other weekend.  Research has shown that children are less affected by divorce, and have better chances of success as an adult if both parents remain actively involved in their child(ren)’s lives.  Thus, the current trend is more toward 50/50 parenting time.  The proper terminology has also changed from custody and visitation to a shared parenting schedule.


Susie Hill, Attorney at Law, PLLC attorneys advocate for parents to not put their child(ren) in the divorce crossfire.  To ensure this does not occur, we encourage our client to respect their child(ren)’s other parent and never argue or talk negatively about the other parent in front of the child(ren).  Our mantra is that “Nothing can erase the memories of a child.


Other tips include allowing the child(ren) to love the other parent, not sending messages to the other parent through the child(ren), and using good judgment before introducing your child(ren) to someone you are dating. Even if the other parent is not playing fair, we advocate taking the high road.  The other parent will soon learn that his/her actions are harming the child(ren).


That being said, we realize that there are certain circumstances where it is the best interest of a minor child to have less time, or to have supervised time with one parent.  We also realize that some parents attempt to retaliate against the other parent by limiting time with the minor child(ren).  We will vigorously protect your rights in both circumstances.



It is worth mentioning that before a party moves a significant distance, and especially if one is considering moving out of state with children, seek advise of an attorney.  There could be severe penalties for doing so without complying with state rules.