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Charleston, WV Divorce Attorneys who will guide you through the complicated process of separation and divorce.
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Charleston WV Divorce Lawyers


Although the courts review divorce as merely a financial transaction, divorce itself is much more than a simple separation of the legal union between two people. At Susie Hill Attorneys at Law, we understand that the emotions attached to the situation can make it a difficult time for our clients. We can help with the specifics for your case with personalized attention and sensitivity to what you and your family are going through. We will always keep your best interests at heart. We are here to protect you and help you to navigate the twisting language of law.


Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the divorce, regardless of the cause, the catalyst or the reasons behind it, we are here to protect your future.  There is enough emotional trauma involved without the additional strain of attempting to navigate through the daunting legal process, and when paired with the stress of your personal life it can feel impossible to surmount.


There are certain circumstances that a party can seek an annulment rather than a divorce.  There are certain circumstances that a party would be in a better financial position to get a legal separation, or separate maintenance, rather than a divorce.


At Susie Hill, Attorney at Law, PLLC, we also understand the financial strain that a divorce can be, and constantly strive to keep our expenses in check.  We discuss with our client the evidence available, and help the client to choose his/her winning battles while letting go of the more expensive, less important battles.  Our client gains peace of mind because we are compassionate about our representation, we intervene and offer guidance through the process, and strive to bring the desired results.