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No-Fault Divorces

No-Fault Divorces


Often, couples contemplate a divorce for a period of time, and I actually recommend not starting the divorce process until you are convinced this is really what YOU want. But once you have decided to go forward with a divorce, you are definitely at an advantage if both of you can agree on the issues.


Nearly 1 out of 2 couples in the United States will divorce or separate at least once during his/her life. Divorce affects everyone…spouses, children, friends and family. The emotional distress that results from a bitter divorce PERMANENTLY affects everyone.


An Agreement is Always Better…and Cheaper


If you are one of the lucky couples who can remain amenable, who can remain logical and fair and who can come to an agreement about how to divide debts, assets and resolve parenting issues, you could save much emotional distress, and extensive attorney fees. Instead of giving your liquid cash to two attorneys who will become embroiled in a long-term battle, you can get what the West Virginia lay person has named a “no-fault divorce.”


But you would need to agree on EVERYTHING…down to how the children will divide their holiday time with each parent, who will make the parenting decisions, and who will pay for school lunches. Also, who will pay which debt, who will receive the marital home or will it be sold. If sold, who will the realtor be, and how will you divide any assets. Will you divide the retirement accounts and if so, how?


If you have agreed on everything, then where do you go from here?


“Half of being smart is knowing what you’re dumb about.” – Solomon Short